Asa ar trebui sa arate noul iPhone 5


Michal Bonikowski este cel care a avut imaginatia de a desena acest concept de iPhone 5, un model total schimbat, mult mai atragator, mai subtire si mai dorit sunt sigur de toata lumea, daca asa va ajunge sa arate noul gadget al celor de la Apple pe care, speram, ca il vom vedea in Septembrie.

What are you predictions for the iPhone 5? I heard someplace that a curved display was in the making and attention was being given to the antenna issues. Designer Michal Bonikowski feels that the new version will be safe and predictable, simply because Apple can’t afford another failed version. In his conceptual version Michal converts glass enclosure into proven aluminum; steel frame remains as a reference to the previous version and directly to the iPad 2. Also, the key functions is converted from mechanical to sensory.

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