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Display Recorder este o aplicatie recent lansata in AppStore cu ajutorul careia iti poti inregistra ecranul iPhone, iPod Touch sau iPad-ului.

Aceasta aplicatie preia functionalitatea tweakului Display Recorder din Cydia, adaugand si posibilitatea de a inregistra audio si video, apoi sa uploadezi ce ai filmat direct pe YouTube.

Lucrul cel mai ciudat este ca producatorul acestei aplicatii din AppStore nu este Ryan Petrich, ci BUGUN Software.

Iata cum a reactionat Ryan la acestea :





Display Recorder este dinsponibila in AppStore intr-o varianta universala, la pretul de 1.59 €.

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Current version has bug with some Region Format, in that case, Display Recorder cannot record video. If you cannot record video, please change your Region Format to United States Region Format.

Please do the following steps to change Region Format:
Step1: Launch Settings app of your iPhone/iPod/iPad.
Step 2: Choose General >;>; International.
Step 3: Change Region Format to United States.
After changing the Region Format, your Display Recorder should work fine.

We’ve fixed this bug and waiting for review. Thank you for your patient!


Display Recorder records your iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad screen in real time. You can now easily record what’s going on on your iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad screen.

List of features available on DisplayRecorder:

1. Records directly to high quality H264 mp4.
2. Records both video & audio.
3. On-device YouTube uploading.
4. Adjustable video orientation & quality settings.
5. Adjustable audio quality settings.
6. Export recorded video to Photo Library.
7. Hardware accelerated video encoding.

Display Recorder uses little resources, you’re not limited in the video length, and it is generally much more stable. The app also allows you to export your videos directly to YouTube.

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